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We offer two ranges of service:

Individual solutions:

According to Einstein, you can recognize a really good idea by the fact that its implementation seems impossible in the first place. If you have promotional ideas whose multimedia realization is seemingly impossible, then you've come to exactly the right place!

We "translate" your advertising ideas into a multimedia concept. We take care of the software programming and hardware development right through to the complete technical and organizational execution of the campaign on the location/ on the spot/ on the job.

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Standard solutions:

We deal with multimedia solutions every day. And we make standards out of the best. That is to say well-proven modules for the efficient and flexible use in your advertising campaigns.

In addition to many years of project experience, current market trends, technical innovations and, above all, our customer feedback form the basis of our modules. And so that the standard is not just a standard product, we adapt the modules quickly and easily to suit your needs.

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Winning Wheels®:

POS campaign generates footfall of up to 1,750 people per promotion day!

The new patented sales promotion triggers the play instinct in everyone just by a simple buzzer and achieves conversion rates of up to 25%!

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