Our companies philosophy

The term "aktionspotenzial" comes from biology and describes a nerve impulse to propagate a signal without any loss of intensity to the target cell.

In accordance with this definition, we combine action with potential and develop coherent concepts from your advertising ideas. In the process, we integrate current media in order to trigger to the greatest possible stimulus impuls in your target audience with your marketing message.

Transparency and openness are our number one priority!

We rely on the strengths of our employees and partners. We combine them in line with the specific requirements of each project: this makes our services flexible, our output effective and the quality of our work measurable.

With every deployment, you get transparent campaign reports and detailed figures. This way, you always have an eye on how valuable our service to you is!

The results speak for themselves: successful marketing ideas that impress people in the international arena thanks to their transparency and efficiency.

And what can we do for you?

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Winning Wheels®:

POS campaign generates footfall of up to 1,750 people per promotion day!

The new patented sales promotion triggers the play instinct in everyone just by a simple buzzer and achieves conversion rates of up to 25%!

More on the new POS campaign for retailers…

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