Modules for effective marketing and successful sales promotion.

Winning Wheels®: a fun way to increase store traffic and sales!

Winning Wheels®: a fun way to increase store traffic and sales!Enthral your target audience and increase storefrequency & sales in a playful way! Winning Wheels® generates participation rates of over 100% and long-term multiplier effects. Every campaign day, up to 1,700 customers can be directed into the store – with purchase rates up to 31%. more about sales promotion and customer acquisition with Winning Wheels®

Scan and Win®: creates incentives to buy and directs target groups to what you have on offer!

Increase your shop frequency and turnover in a measurable way! With response rates of up to 82% and cash conversion rates of up to 34% (!), Scan and Win® was developed specifically for the needs of retailers. Scan and Win® has already contributed to the international success of our customers on more than 2,800 campaign days! more about effective PoS campaigns with Scan and Win®

Module Magic360® for Fair, Event & Retail - high quality 360 degree photography to create a great visual impact

The new Magic360® photo tool from aktionspotenzial thrills visitors at trade fairs, events and in retail outlets thanks to high-quality 360° degree matrix style videos for innovative brand communication.

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The mobile photo booth: your crowd puller – nostalgic and enduring!

Create a sense of nostalgia and offer your visitors the chance to create, within a few seconds, photos that look like passport photos including an individual advertising message. The photos can either be handed out directly at the photo booth or be transmitted for collection at the POI/POS. You can, therefore, steer your customers directly to your booth or store, where you can then increase the number of visitors or you can exploit the fact that they come to pick up the photo in order to boost sales!

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The mobile photo print module: a ready-for-dispatch photo campaign for your photo marketing!

Plug and Play, emotional photo marketing has never been so easy! With the new ready-for-dispatch photo print module, photo campaigns can be cheaply & easily carried out. The use of wireless cameras and the instant printing of the photo guarantee photographic fun on the spot. Upon request, an online connection can provide simultaneous transmission of your photo campaign onto the Internet!

You can read more on the mobile photo promotion here.

The Photo Mosaic module: boosts team spirit and provides a sense of community

Ideal for corporate & team-building events: a new overall image is created out of photos of your participants! Whether as a poster for your business premises and participants or as an animated overhead projector show, the Photo Mosaic module offers a varied on-site attraction and boosts the community spirit of the participants!

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Winning Wheels®:

POS campaign generates footfall of up to 1,750 people per promotion day!

The new patented sales promotion triggers the play instinct in everyone just by a simple buzzer and achieves conversion rates of up to 25%!

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