Aktion Mensch inspires visitors with a 15 m large photo mosaic on NRW Day!

More than 3,000 photos were taken in three days.
The campaign postcard also had a note relating to cooperation partner General Anzeiger,...
Thanks to the PICTURECODE card, every photo could be easily assigned.
The visitors received their personal campaign postcard with their photo printed on it at the three stations.
The huge German flag measured around 2m x 15m.
...and stuck onto the flag of diversity.
Then the photo was printed off...
After the photo was shot, the PICTURECODE card was scanned so it could be assigned to the picture.
The photo booths were specially made for the campaign. The yellow one also offered barrier-free access.
Participants received their PICTURECODE card in front of the photo booths.
Around 1,900 photos made up Aktion Mensch's flag of diversity.
Even the Lord Mayor of Bonn, Jürgen Nimptsch, took part in the photo campaign.
...while visitors were given information about what Aktion Mensch does.

Unity has many faces. Your photo for a diverse society.

The goal of Germany’s largest private funding organisation, Aktion Mensch, was to develop an attention-grabbing campaign that involved all visitors to the German Festival (NRW Day 2011 and Day of German Unity in Bonn). The focal topics of unity, society and participation were applied in a photo campaign with aktionspotenzial and in collaboration with the Berlin-based agency "insglück". As a result, a 15m x 2m large photo mosaic in the form of a German flag was created using around 1,900 participant photos!

Three parallel photo booths representing the colours of the German flag aktionspotenzial set up three specially-made and barrier-free photo booths with appropriate background colours corresponding to the colours of the German flag. This is where the participants could have their personal photo taken in front of black, red and yellow backgrounds and have them printed off straight away. The participants could then stick their photo in the respective colour area of the mosaic. The result was a 15m x 2m (!) large "flag of diversity" every day!

PICTURECODE & photo printing stations to guide visitors and present your range of services
In addition, a scanner automatically allocated an individual PICTURECODE collection card to each photo. This steered the participants to a further photo printing station, where participants were informed of Aktion Mensch's three main areas of focus (support, education and a lottery). As a thank-you, they received a postcard with their own photo and a motif relating to each area!

Online connection for Facebook, photo download & address generation
Anyone who gave his or her e-mail address later got an e-mail with a link so they could download the photo on the Aktion Mensch website. At an additional fourth station, visitors could also immediately upload their picture onto their Facebook page and become a fan of the Aktion Mensch – all easy to do thanks to the PICTURECODE card.

A photo campaign with a heart made participants & customers happy
With the complete package from aktionspotenzial, up to 3.,000 photos a day were printed out for the flag. More than half of the visitors agreed that their pictures could be used for a downstream magazine motif.

In addition, more than 4,000 photo postcards were printed off and around 1,500 photo download links were dispatched, noticeably increasing traffic on the Aktion Mensch website. Besides enthusiastic visitors, Aktion Mensch was so won over by the campaign that part of the flag of diversity now decorates its headquarters in Bonn.

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Module: mobile photo booth, photo mosaic, PICTURECODE
Promotion: individual photo promotion for Aktion Mensch on NRW Day

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