BOSCH employees travel around the world on Experience Day 2011 thanks to blue box technology.

Due to the large number of visitors, two blue box modules were used at the same time.
On the whole 546 photos were printed off – in just 5 hours!
A suitable costume was naturally also available for the Great Wall of China backdrop.
A Spanish bullfighting arena was also available.
One of the settings was the world-famous Taj Mahal in India.
During the photo shoot, all photos were projected onto a large screen.
...and positioned in front of the desired background.
Within a few seconds, the people were photographed...
Professional flash systems guaranteed ideal lighting conditions and the best blue screen results.
...that everything in the finished photo was just right.
The authentic traditional costumes ensured...
The photo campaign was extremely popular.

Blue screen photo campaign to foster an international sense of community among BOSCH employees

At the BOSCH "Experience Day 2011" celebrating its 125th anniversary, everything revolved around the group's international focus. In line with this idea, a photo campaign was carried out to reinforce the international sense of community among the staff even further. On behalf of the mSa eventmarketing agency, aktionspotenzial carried out a blue screen photo campaign in which staff could travel to various BOSCH countries around the world – virtually. 

Via blue box to the BOSCH countries
During the photo campaign, staff could dress up in traditional costumes and, thanks to chroma key technology, were magicked away to magnificent places such as the Great Wall of China or the Taj Mahal, motifs of countries in which BOSCH operates. In order to make allowance for the rush, two blue box modules were used in parallel. Professional flash systems ensured the ideal blue screen or green screen results.

During the entire shoot, the photos were projected onto a large screen, to the entertainment of those waiting in line. And what pleased families in particular was that, with the composite photo, 5 people could be placed into one image at the same time – without any loss of quality.

Beaming faces all round
With less than 60 seconds from the photo shot to the finished print, more than 540 photos could be printed off in just 5 campaign hours! We're certain that the high-quality photos of the staff will remind them of their trips to distant countries for a long time to come!

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Module: Bluescreen, fotoprint module
Promotion: Bluescreen fotopromotion for BOSCH employees on Experience Day 2011

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