International sales promotion for Spain and Portugal

Lucky Finger® was used in various campaigns in Spain and Portugal for the Spanish beer brand Estrella Galicia.
To be able to take part in the competition the visitors didn´t mind waiting at all…
Waiting excitedly for the result of the finger prints also provided a lot of fun for the festival visitors!
Every finger is a winner – the participants waited excitedly to see the result and their prize!
Curious participants experienced their brand at close hand.
In each case, 1-2 Lucky Finger® stations were used.
With curiosity and excitement they all waited for the finger print results!
Due to the large crowds, queues more than 20 m long sometimes formed.
Lucky Finger® channelled up to 1,400 people to the Estrella Galicia 0,0 stands every day.
The fun with the fingerprint thrilled both the Spaniards and the Portuguese alike.
The Festivals Do Norte visitors also participated enthusiastically in the novel promotion.
The promotion of sales also took place at the presentation of the Estrella Racing Team in Vigo on 11 August.
…even till deep into the night. Thanks to his huge success, the customer is already planning further campaigns with Lucky Finger®

Lucky Finger® gets more than 1,400 Spaniards and Portuguese interested in Estrella Galicia 0,0 every day.

Increasing brand awareness and sales with Lucky Finger®
Since 2011, the co-operation partner Expanding Solutions has been successfully distributing the sales promotion tools from aktionspotenzial in Spain and Portugal. Lucky Finger® is being used in various campaigns for the Spanish beer brand Estrella Galicia.

The aims were to increase the public's awareness of the non-alcoholic beer Estrella Galicia 0,0 and to strengthen the brand image. Lucky Finger® was also used to boost sales at festivals.

Lucky Finger® on tour in Spain and Portugal
An Estrella Galicia stand was set up on more than 14 promotions. The tour destinations included, among others, the presentation of the Estrella Motorcycle Racing Team in Vigo on 11 August and the Festival do Norte, the largest indie music festival in Galicia.

In order to guide people specifically to the Estrella stand, 1-2 Lucky Finger® stations were used. Teams of promoters handed out the associated cards direct to the participants. In Vigo, ads and posters appeared in advance – informing people about the Lucky Finger® promotion and the chance to win great prizes from Estrella Galicia.

The result? Long queues, happy customers and enthusiastic participants
Brand awareness was significantly boosted. In Vigo alone, more than 1,400 people were directed to the Estrella stand every day, forming queues about 20m long. All participants were noticeably curious about their fingerprint, which meant they were introduced to the brand in a playful way.

Even at the festivals and other campaigns linked to increasing turnover, sales received a noticeable boost. The conclusion from the customer? "It was a great promotion, a very original and effective idea! It really helped us to increase sales effectively!" He is already planning further campaigns with the internationally successful promotion tool Lucky Finger®.

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