PoS marketing: European-wide photo campaign for Foot Locker.

The Foot Locker photo shoot took place right in front of the stores. The data were transferred directly into the store thanks to WLAN.
Participants chose their favourites for the photo shoot from the new adidas sneaker collection.
The extraordinary photo campaign wowed participants across Europe in London, Paris, Milan and Berlin!
The "re-styling" of the participants with the sneakers from the new adidas collection was an integral part of the campaign.
In order to be persuasive when it came to the online vote on the Adidas facebook site....
… the participants came up with all sorts of crazy poses.
The branded photo give-away
After they had given their consent in the store, several participants allowed their photos to be included on the online album and took part in the online vote.

Foot Locker photo campaign draws attention in 4 European cities!

To make Foot Locker's "A sneaker way of life" campaign in cooperation with adidas well known throughout Europe, Foot Locker is using aktionspotenzial's proven and effective Fotoprint module.

In the 4 European fashion capitals of London, Paris, Milan and Berlin, participants could let themselves be "re-styled" and photographed with the new adidas sneakers. At the same time, the photos were transferred via Wi-Fi to the store, where the participants could pick up their branded and printed sneaker photos.

The 10 best styles were awarded a prize through an online vote on the adidas facebook page and the advertising message of both partners was transmitted to the Web world!

Thanks to the smooth execution of parallel photo campaigns, aktionspotenzial was able to give a considerable boost to the image of Foot Locker & adidas both online and offline!


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Module: photo print modul
Promotion: PoS marketing: European-wide photo campaign for Foot Locker.

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