Foot Locker is relying on Scan and Win® technology right throughout Europe!

Enthusiastic customers queue up for Scan and Win®.
Across Europe, the PoS module from aktions:potenzial directs customers into the Foot Locker stores.
The campaign increases the number of visitors to the shop to 250 an hour.
Customers receive a personal voucher in the shop.
A response rate of approx. 60% makes the campaign a measure that genuinely promotes sales.
In 7 European countries, Scan and Win® delivered impressive results.

Pan-European sales promotion with Scan and Win® for Foot Locker!

Raising brand awareness and increasing shopping fun
To make people across Europe more aware of Foot Locker stores and to give customers an unusual shopping experience – these are the aims of Foot Locker. In order to achieve these goals, Foot Locker is relying on aktionspotential's effective sales promotion Scan and Win(R)measure internationally.

Scan and Win® playfully directs customers into the store
The campaign generates attention in the area around the shops and playfully directs potential customers into the stores – offering all participants a special experience and shopping pleasure. The campaign mechanism that has proven itself across Europe is patent pending and boosts sales at special sales campaigns such as store openings and Sunday shopping events.

aktionspotenzial conveniently supplies the store with the ready-to-use and easy-to-operate Scan and Win® campaign kit along with the printed winning card and trains the shop staff. On request, trained promotion staff as well as technical support can be provided and coordinated across Europe.

Results: More fun and added value for everyone!
Besides raising the awareness of the brand and the shops in Germany and European metropolises such as London, Paris and Milan, customers are playfully directed into the comprehensive and innovative world of sneakers of Foot Locker!

And the best thing of all: Foot Locker customers enjoy a great shopping experience with high added value!


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Module: Scan and Win®
Promotion: Pan-European sales promotion with Scan and Win® for Foot Locker!


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