Scan and Win®: effective promotion in more than 100 branches of Perfumery Pieper!

Scan and Win® leads up to 250 potential customers per hour into the store.
Even Perfumery Pieper is using the sophisticated campaign mechanism in more than 100 branches.
The sales promotion achieves response rates of over 80%...
... and turns many prospective customers into actual paying customers.
Thanks to Scan and Win®, Perfumery Pieper increased its store frequency and sales over the long term – and all without escalating discount costs.

Scan and Win®: Perfumery Pieper is relying on Scan & Win® to effectively increase its store frequency and sales right across Germany

Store frequency, increased sales and the generation of new customers – the key factors in the global retail world!
How can you increase store frequency and sales in the long term without the discount costs rising endlessly (or eating up profits)?! And how can you also effectively introduce new customers to the exclusive products and services of Perfumery Pieper? It's not just Perfumery Pieper that wants to know the answers to these questions – all retailers around the world do, too!

Use Scan and Win® to playfully guide potential customers into your store!
Like many other well known companies, Perfumery Pieper is also relying on the effective and proven sales promotion of Scan and Win® in more than 100 branches! The ingenious campaign mechanism results in response rates of over 80%  and up to 250 potential customers being guided into the store every hour. Combined with the special service and the exclusive products in the Pieper branches, a large proportion of the customers that have been deliberately directed into the store can be converted into paying (loyal) customers!

Technical know-how and long-term experience in sales promotion
In a long-serving cooperation based on mutual trust, aktionspotenzial provides not only its sound technical know-how and sophisticated Scan and Win® campaign module. Upon request, aktionspotenzial can also handle customised adjustments, such as the Germany-wide deployment of trained personnel for the effective sales promotion at the PoS!

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Module: Scan and Win®
Promotion: Scan and Win®: effective promotion in more than 100 branches of Perfumery Pieper!

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