Photo booth with PICTURECODE effectively increases sales and store frequency at s.Oliver!

Large crowd in this Swedish shopping centre, too – more than 1,600 photos were printed off in the s.Oliver shop in Oberhausen in three days!
s.Oliver fans received their photos directly in the shop, thanks to PICTURECODE.
The photo data were transmitted via UMTS and printed off in the store.
A photo booth:
The photo booth was set up at points where there were high flows of passers-by.
The highlight: a collection card with a personal PICTURECODE.
Photo booth with three people in front of it:
Thanks to the collection card, passers-by could have their photos printed off in the shop.

Pan-European PoS marketing for s.oliver with mobile photo booth

How can turnover and store frequency be effectively increased?This was the central issue when s.Oliver's pan-European sales promotion campaigns were developed. Besides increasing the number of customers and sales, long-term and above all cross-media advertising effects formed the focus of the PoS campaigns. This was all intended to anchor the s.Oliver brand positively in customers' minds!

New photo booth with PICTURECODE – a bonus for customers and s.Oliver stores!
In order to draw the greatest possible attention, the photo booths, branded with s.Oliver logo and designs, were set up at strategic junctions with large streams of visitors close to s.Oliver shops. Participants could let themselves be photographed in these booths. Or participants could take a picture in the booths.

Instead of a printed photo, participants received a personal PICTURECODE collection card that they could redeem for the printed photo in the s.Oliver store. The photo data, along with its PICTURECODE, were simultaneously transmitted to the printing station in the s.Oliver store via UMTS.

An individually programmed Facebook connection ensured that the s.Oliver fans could also download their photos on the s.Oliver fan page and forward them to other people.

More than 1,600 new customers in the store and lots of Facebook fans!
Just at the Oberhausen site alone, more than 1,600 participants per photo booth and PICTURECODE were directed into the s.Oliver shop in three days. And the Facebook page gained more than 145 enthusiastic s.Oliver fans! Besides Germany, the campaigns also took place in Austria and Sweden in 2011!

The photo albums on the s.Oliver fanpage say more than a thousand words:

s.Oliver Fans in Krefeld

s.Oliver Fans in Oberhausen

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Module: mobile photo booth with PICTURECODE
Aktion: Pan-European POS promotion for s.Oliver

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