Photo campaign with PICTURECODE & vintage look leads nearly 1,000 visitors to the Truma stand!

The caravan at the entrance served as an eye-catcher and an ideal backdrop.
The participants received the printed photos only at the Truma stand.
Each photo was given a vintage look in order to stage the message of Truma better.
Via a display integrated into the Truma website, participants could then download and send their pictures.
At the Truma stand, the PICTURECODE collection card was then redeemed against the printed photo.
Truma generated 470 new addresses thanks to the campaign.
Nearly 1,000 participants were led to the exhibition stand thanks to the photo campaign.

Sophisticated PICTURE CODE mechanics and a response rate of 95% lead nearly 1,000 visitors to Truma's stand!

More trade fair visitors and new addresses
Camping equipment supplier Truma is relying on aktionspotenzial to increase its stand frequency and generate new addresses at the CMT holiday fair in Stuttgart in 2012. In cooperation with the Circle of Dreams agency, aktionspotenzial developed a 9-day photo campaign with vintage look and effective visitor management. The motto was: "Warmth and comfort from Truma for 50 years."

Photo campaign with PICTURECODE directs visitors to Truma's booth
In order to attract maximum attention, a nostalgic caravan with Truma products was placed at the entrance to the exhibition. Participants were photographed against a backdrop and the photos were then given a vintage look to make them appear as though they had been taken in the 1960s.

Instead of the photo, participants received a personal PICTURECODE collection card, which they could redeem at the Truma stand against the printed photo. The photo data relating to each PICTURECODE were simultaneously transmitted via UMTS to the printing station at the booth.

At the Truma stand, the participants got their vintage-looking printed photos and gave their e-mail addresses. The participants could then also personally download their own photo via a display integrated into the website.

In this cross-media photo campaign, aktionspotenzial was in charge of  the online integration, coordination, personnel and implementation all in line with the customer's wishes.

Nearly 1,000 participants and 470 recorded addresses! The playful and fun-filled photo campaign led nearly 1,000 visitors to the Truma booth and generated 470 e-mail addresses for Truma. Being able to download the photos on the Truma website also markedly increased traffic.

Upshot: Thanks to the great success, the campaign was used in almost identical form at an exhibition in London just a few weeks later!


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Module: Photoprint module with PICTURECODE
Promotion: Trade fair photo campaign for Truma

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