Unique marketing technology makes the Trophy Tour a success

This is what successful promotional campaigns look like: sometimes, the queues in front of the tent were 50 metres long and people had to wait for 4 hours.
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The personal souvenir photo was a success: even young fans were delighted with the photo of them with the trophy! Thanks to the emotional factor, a large part of the on-site visitors could also be directed towards the UniCredit website.
There were also VIP campaigns – just like here, visitors enjoyed the exhibition on all things relating to the cup and were delighted with the souvenir photos made on site.
The original UEFA Champions League Trophy behind safety glass on its way to the next tour destination.
The participants are delighted with their unique souvenir photo with the trophy!
... so they could download their personal photo online later. During this step, the participants were asked to provide their address data.
This barcode flyer was digitally assigned to each particular personal souvenir photo. Participants took their personal flyers with them...
The tour hostesses in each town found it easy to use the specially developed software with the allocation system via a barcode scanner. This means that participants could be given a flyer quickly and easily.
The camera solution developed by aktions:potenzial could be triggered by remote control.

pan-European "UniCredit UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour" photo campaign!

Starting point: to achieve UniCredit's sponsorship goals.
As one of the main sponsors of the UEFA Champions League, UniCredit carried out a promotional tour in five countries. The aim was to boost UniCredit's positive brand image, to gain address data of new customers and to advertise the online services of UniCredit.

The remit: technical implementationof a unique and cross-media photo marketing campaign
The main attraction of the promotional tour was an emotionally charged photo campaign: visitors were photographed with the original Champions League Trophy. The personal photo could then be downloaded just a few moments later by entering a password on the UniCredit campaign website. This meant that thousands of additional personal data sets relating to the participants were able to be logged online. Furthermore, the photo could be printed off directly on site at selected locations/events. aktionspotenzial was responsible for the full technical development & implementation of this promotional concept.

Implementation: safe-to-run hardware and intuitive-to-use software made for a sensational success.
aktionspotenzial developed efficient and robust technology kits for taking participant photos – fast, on-site assembly by the tour promoter and up to 100% reliability of the technology guaranteed. The highlight of aktionspotential's development work: the simple allocation mechanism for downloading the personal photos from the campaign website. The individually programmed software enabled the promoters to take, select and allocate the photo in less than 10 seconds. Each photo was assigned an "online collection code" by a barcode scanner. Every participant got a flyer with an individual barcode sticker. The code enabled the participants to retrieve the photo online.

Results/upshot: With the technology kits specially developed by aktionspotenzial and the execution of the campaign, all of UniCredit's objectives were exceeded. The website generated data of thousands of interested parties and, in part, the page received more than 15,000 hits a day. The participants and UniCredit were overwhelmed by the speed and robustness of the system. After this success, the campaign kit was used at further pan-European other tour destinations in 2010,2011 & 2012, too.


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Module: individual photo promotion, Fotoprint Modul mit Online Anbindung
Promotion: pan-European "UniCredit UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour" photo campaign

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