Point of Sale Marketing (selection)

The many practical examples of the different potentials of POS marketing should give you ideas which can help you win over new customers, promote new products or attract attention.

Attracting new customers with Winning Wheels® - the new POS promotion for playful success!

To celebrate the anniversary of the "Sterncenter", a shopping center in Lüdenscheid (Germany), INTERSPORT looked for an eye-catching campaign to attract new customers. It was supposed to playfully direct people into the store, activate them and be linked to a minimum turnover. The special challenge: it had to work without handing out flyers in front of the store.

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Lucky Finger® gets more than 1,400 Spaniards and Portuguese interested in Estrella Galicia 0,0 every day.

The international sales promotion Lucky Finger® steered more than 1,400 participants in Spain and Portugal to the Estrella Galicia stand. The beer brand has become a lot more well-known and sales at many festivals were increased.

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Pan-European sales promotion with Scan and Win® for Foot Locker!

Scan and Win®: Foot Locker is using the proven sales promotion measure Scan and Win® from aktionspotenzial to increase public awareness of its stores throughout Europe! During this promotion campaign, potential customers enjoy a particularly positive shopping experience!

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Photo booths with PICTURECODE effectively increase customer frequency and sales at s.Oliver!

New photo booth with PICTURECODE collection card guides more than 500 customers a day into s.Oliver stores! Photo prints & Facebook connection guarantee cross-media multiplier effects and long-lasting advertising messages!

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Scan and Win®: Perfumery Pieper is relying on Scan & Win® to effectively increase its store frequency and sales right across Germany

With the aim of attracting new customers and increasing revenue and store frequency, Perfumery Pieper is relying on the PoS module Scan and Win® and the established promotional know-how of aktionspotenzial in more than 100 branches. Find out how store frequencies of up to 250 shoppers per hour and response rates of up to 87% can be achieved with Scan and Win®!

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Foot Locker: European-wide photo campaign with the new adidas sneaker collection

To ensure an attention-grabbing launch of the new adidas sneaker collection in 4 European fashion capitals simultaneously, Foot Locker is using the proven and effective Fotoprint module from aktionspotenzial. By deliberately choosing fashion-conscious participants, supplying them with adidas sneakers & then doing a photo shoot with them, Foot Locker's styling skills have been highlighted.

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Winning Wheels®:

POS campaign generates footfall of up to 1,750 people per promotion day!

The new patented sales promotion triggers the play instinct in everyone just by a simple buzzer and achieves conversion rates of up to 25%!

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